• April 2010

    Squat Lobstah

    April 28, 2010

    This little guy came in with the spot prawns last week. He lost his right paw somewhere along the way. After a little sleuthing we determined that he’s a squat lobster: According to Emerald Diving, squat lobsters are actually just funny looking shrimp, and they’re common in Hood Canal. Wikipedia says that referring to squat […]


    We’ll be getting in a big batch of live Hood Canal spot prawns on Wednesday afternoon, and we’ll be able to ship the prawns Thursday for delivery Friday. Shrimps with heads:


    2010 Open Farm Tomorrow!

    April 16, 2010

    We’re going to be doing all sorts of outrageous things to oysters tomorrow, including wrapping them in bacon, barbecuing, shucking, harvesting, and eating them live. Bring your boots, a rake, a cooler, and your kids for an intertidal scavenger hunt. The event is from noon to 3, and please call us at 888-877-5844 if you […]


    Shrimp Season!

    April 14, 2010

    Springtime is officially underway: the tide is out during the day, the air smells sweet with cottonwood blossom, and birds are literally hatching at our feet. And in a few hours we’ll receive our first batch of  fresh local shrimp. Cue mouth water. This first delivery (caught this morning) is coming to us via Westport… […]


    Faire du Leche-Aquarium

    April 13, 2010

    Our shark tank is full of meat eaters, and they make for good viewing but bad algae control. So we decided to introduce a chiton into the mix. The problem is that it takes animals a while to acclimate to the warmer temperatures in the aquarium, and the chitons would always get ambushed and eaten […]

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    Bird Notes

    April 12, 2010

    Killdeer are darling little birds and their high-pitched calls echo across the oyster farm on summer evenings. A couple of days ago Dave noticed that a mother killdeer had built an oyster shell nest in a gravel pile near the shucking plant. Today one of the eggs hatched. It was a very slow process…. we […]


    Good Life Charters is going to offer guided Hood Canal shrimp hunts this spring. So if you really want to go shrimping, but don’t really want to buy a boat or a pot, call Captain Jerry Spencer at 360-531-3319 or email him at goodlifecharters at hotmail.com. Jerry is running his boat out of Pleasant Harbor, […]

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    Anemone and Baby Jellies

    April 6, 2010

    Meet our newest aquarium addition! Anemones eat small fish and shrimp. Be glad you’re not a little fish stuck in an aquarium with a hungry anemone: each tentacle contains a harpoon-like structure that injects a toxin into the anemone’s prey. But then again: be glad you’re not an anemone stuck inside a salt-water aquarium devoid […]