• July 2011

    Wednesday we shared an oyster lunch with Billy Marinelli, a Long Island Marine Scientist turned shellfish mogul turned Bangkok restaurateur and all around oyster expert. Billy is touring West Coast oyster farms with his wife and Rosie, a Bangkok chef. It was a beautifully calm day on the oyster farm and during our meal the […]

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    2011 t-shirts are finally here,  and they might require a bit of explaining. This is a recycled t-shirt idea for us (we printed some sea star shirts in 2007). But if you still don’t get it, go geek out on sea stars here and here. Men’s shirts have a green sea star, while the sea […]


    It came in kicking. Caught yesterday, gone tomorrow! Crustaceans galore at the Hama Hama Store.  


    The Sinuous Oyster

    July 12, 2011

    This oyster must have grown up between a rock and a hard place.


    So our “master” oyster griller gave the  demonstration at the University District farmers market last weekend (see previous post)… and in the process burned the heck out of her hand. Moral of the story: wear heavy duty waterproof gloves when grilling oysters so that boiling oyster liquor doesn’t soak your glove and scald your knuckles. […]


    Tomorrow we’re going to set up a barbecue at the University District Farmers Market and demonstrate proper oyster grilling technique. There will be a lot of other farmers demonstrating how to grill various seasonal foods such as salmon, vegetables, and chicken. Come visit for some tasty samples and informative tidbits. Here’s the schedule: 9:30 to […]