• December 2011

    2011 started on the rocky side, when we accidentally deleted all blog posts back to April Fool’s Day 2007, but we quickly recovered and ended up having a fantastic year, minus the truck theft. We bought a new truck, built a Flupsy, built a downweller, attended the first ever Meritage Oyster Fest in Saint Paul, […]


    The tide bubbling down for the afternoon. Given the recent beautiful full moon, and the eclipse, and the calm, still days we’ve been experiencing here on the farm, we’ve been thinking a lot about the tides. Of course, we always think about tides: is the tide high enough for the pump to turn on? low […]


    … the moon came out:


    Native blue mussels are smaller than their Mediterranean counterparts, but just as tasty. They’re flash mob mussels: some years there are hardly any on the beach, then the next year they’re everywhere. Occasionally, just for fun, they aren’t blue at all, but golden. Every now and again, a customer comes into the store with her […]

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