• January 2013

    Few things are as elemental as wood and shellfish… humans have been using both for a long, long time. At Hama Hama we carry on this tradition, managing the beach and the uplands together to support livelihoods, create beauty, and provide sustenance. It’s a chop wood / carry water / eat oysters kind of life. […]



    January 17, 2013

    Today is an absolutely gorgeous day, fitting for one of the first daylight lows since the fall. All winter the guys have been going out on the flats in darkness, at all hours of the night, to pick oysters and dig clams. There are still a couple of strings of nighttime tides this year, so […]


    Oyster Stoutness

    January 10, 2013

    What do you do when you find a massive oyster? Feed it to your friends, of course! Last week Brenna and Erik from Hog Island stopped by for a night of revelry and mischief. Naturally, the power went out, so we sat in lantern-and-firelight and caught up on all things oyster. (These three oysters filled […]


    photos by Paul Harper