• Hama Hama

    Tumbling farming is such a new technique that oyster farmers haven’t even settled on what jargon to use… some farms call their tumble bags “tumble bags,” others call their tumble bags “tipping bags.” (And if that didn’t strike you as a totally biased turn of phrase, then we’ve already got you hook, line, and sinker!) […]


    An oyster among oysters

    April 6, 2011

    from the packing table, via Teresa’s cell phone: It’s been such a cold spring that there’s still not a whole lot of food out there for the beach grown oysters to eat…. and apparently all of the available food is being hogged by oysters like the big fat one in the middle of this photo. […]


    Puny, indeed.

    March 1, 2011

    Apparently Hama Hama’s made quite a splash at a food conference in Texas: Texas food writer Robb Walsh has tried to rile up Gulf oystermen with [the success stories of west coast oystermen].”Just for fun, we did something kind of goofy,” Walsh says, recalling when he presented puny Hama Hama and Hog Island oysters to […]

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    Hama Hama Oysters, Stout!

    February 3, 2011

    We’ve been bugging local breweries to brew us up some oyster stout for a couple of years, and we’ve always been turned down flat. But finally we met a brewery bold enough to take on the challenge: Upright Brewing Co in Portland will release their oyster stout, made with oysters fresh from yours truly, on February 22nd at […]


    Our oysters come in all different sizes, and yesterday both ends of the spectrum came across the packing table. Teresa documented it with her camera phone. A perfectly small yearling:   And here is an oyster we would call a medium, simply because we don’t have a sort called “outrageously large oysters:” On another note: if you want […]