• Elliot’s Oyster crew cooks up a mean bbq oyster

    April 18, 2011

    Sunday a crew from Elliot’s Oyster House came out to the farm for a tour and lunch. We took a rambling stroll across the flats, shucking and eating along the way and exploring how the oyster flavor changes with growing location.

    Below, Elliot’s executive chef Robert Spaulding.

    The weather was perfect, sunny with a slight breeze that stirred up the fresh, salty tideflat smell. Even for people who work there, hanging out on the oyster farm on a Sunday was ridiculously relaxing.  The best part, from our perspective, is that after the beach tour chef Robert cooked up a totally unexpected and delicious lunch of fish tacos and barbecued oysters with scrumptious toppings, like smoked apple with bacon and a Santa Fe style salsa.  The toppings were a huge hit with team Hama Hama, and inspired us to venture out of the melted-butter-with-garlic-grilled-oyster routine we’ve been stuck in for the past thirty years.


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