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    To get our oysters at their absolute freshest and cheapest, stop by our farm store at 35846 N US Hwy 101, Lilliwaup, WA 98555. Call ahead (888-877-5844) to arrange a tour so that we can be sure and have someone available to be your guide. If you come during the week, you’ll be able to see the shucking/packing plant in operation.

    Directions From Seattle:

    Beautiful Route: Bremerton Ferry. Total time (not counting ferry wait): 2.5 hours

    Take the Seattle ferry to Bremerton (takes about an hour). Once in Bremerton, go straight out of the ferry terminal and take a left onto Burwell Street, heading towards Hwy 304. Follow Burwell through town for several blocks. At the T take a left (west) onto 304. Go past the naval shipyard. Follow signs for Hwy 3 south towards Shelton. Follow Hwy 3 towards Belfair. Immediately past Belfair, turn right onto Hwy 106. Follow 106 down the south shore of the Canal, past Alderbrook Resort and the town of Union. Hwy 106 T’s into Hwy 101 at the Skokomish Indian Reservation. Take a right on 101 towards Port Angeles. Go through Hoodsport and Lilliwaup, and past the Eagle Creek Saloon with the giant hamburger on top. The oyster farm is located about 1o minutes north of downtown Lilliwaup, immediately south of the Hamma Hamma River.

    Fast Route: Drive around Puget sound. Total time (not counting traffic jams): 2 hours

    Take I-5 south. Go through Tacoma, Federal Way, Olympia, etc. South of Olympia take exit 104 onto Hwy 101. About 15 minutes north of the junction with I-5 Hwy 101 gets tricky and exits off of itself. MAKE SURE YOU HEAD TOWARDS PORT ANGELES, NOT ABERDEEN. If you go straight through this intersection, you’ll end up in Ocean Shores. Take a right towards Shelton/Port Angeles. Follow 101 through Shelton, Hoodsport, Lilliwaup. The farm is located 10 minutes north of downtown Lilliwaup.