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Job Available 2020: Events & Social Media Lead

Job posted 1/20/20: Events & Social Media Lead!


Help take the Hama Hama customer experience  to the next level! We’re looking for someone with a passion for conceptualizing, planning and executing amazing events, and with a keen eye toward branding and marketing via social media. A lover of details, creativity and our brand, the Events & Social Media Lead will ensure events at Hama Hama are profitable, well-run and much-loved.

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2019 Summer Source Dinner with Tournant


A video from our 2019 summer dinner with Tournant

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Job Available Fall 2019: Saloon Production Lead / Cook

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Winter 2019 Farm Internship Position Open!

Winter 2019 Farm Internship (full-time, paid, 6-month) Do you enjoy long walks on the beach? Have you ever found yourself fascinated with all things inter and sub tidal? Hama Hama Company is a 5th-generation family-run shellfish and tree farm on Washington’s Olympic Peninsula. Our oysters are synonymous with quality and are served in esteemed restaurants nationwide. We take great pride in our product and in this beautiful place where we live and work. We are looking for positive, self-motivated individuals who are interested in learning about and working in the shellfish industry. No experience with shellfish aquaculture is required. Individuals...

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Work on an Oyster Farm: Growing Baby Oysters

Image by Navid Baraty    To many, the word FLUPSY might seem made-up, probably by Lewis Carroll. I, having grown up landlocked in Idaho, certainly wouldn't have guessed that a FLUPSY is a place where baby oysters grow. As it turns out, it's a (rather whimsical) acronym, standing for FLoating UPweller SYstem.  Let's break that down:  Floating: A FLUPSY is somehow suspended in the water column. In our case, it's built into an already-floating boathouse.  Upweller: Baby oysters are housed in silos within the FLUPSY. Each silo has a screen on the bottom, and is connected via a pipe to a central trough. As a...

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