July 12, 2010: unscenic sign

Farm work

Last week we received a certified letter from the Highway Department telling us that our tree cookie sign is illegal. Even though it's located on the same property as our store, it's too far from the store to satisfy the scenic byway highway requirements. To that we said boo. But after brainstorming several creative responses to the situation we decided the best bet was to just remove the offensive object. The sign, cut from a 400 year old Douglas fir tree, had been up since 2008. And, truth be told: the wood wasn't weathering very well. In its illegal and illicit location the sign had a lot of southern sun exposure, and now, two years later, it's starting to crack up. Read about its construction here. sign-small1

Terrible, just hideous.


In other news: our old barge is up and running. You can see it in the photo above, enjoying life back out on the water. So the earlier post ("Last Run of the HH Battleax") was a little misleading. The Battleax lives!

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  • Bruce on

    Shameful! The WA DOT should be supportive. Perhaps bombard all your elected officials with emails?? I would be glad to do so but would not do it without your permission. Perhaps might draw more attention and they would find other things to write you up for. Let me know….I can write a dandy letter expressing my outrage!

  • Oyster Fan on


  • Bruce on

    God forbid that there should be a tastefully made sign placed on a busy highway telling folks slow down for the upcoming entrance to a 3rd(?) generation family owned business that helps support the local economy.

  • Oyster Fan on

    Thanks Clint! We certainly feel blessed. And that is a very neat old house. It used to be the El Hama Resort… we have an old photo of it in the seafood store for you to check out the next time you’re up.

  • Clint on

    Well that is sad! We stopped there in June to take a picture of the sign, wish we had stopped to eat. We will stop to eat next summer.

    About 6 years ago while on a business trip I fell in love with that cove/creek and the first old house on the right past the bridge, been telling my wife ever since that is where I wanted to be. Finally got to take her up 101 and back down the coast this year. Looking forward to the next trip.

    Your family is very blessed to be there and have such a wonderful business going.

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