Jan 26, 2011: Historic Hood Canal

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We found all these shots at the Mason County Historical Society's museum in downtown Shelton. They've been donated to the Museum by various old-time families over the years... and they show snippets of what life was like on Hood Canal from the late 1880's to the early 1950's. Potlatch Log Dump Potlatch log dump

Ice Fishing on Hood Canal, 1950 Ice Fishing on Hood Canal 1950

Pictures of "stump ranch" homesteads Finch Family027

Skokomish Tribal Members

Skokomish Chief and Wife101

Highway 101 along Hood Canal in the 1930s Hood Canal Highway 1930

Hoodsport, 1910 Hoodsport 1910

The HH Bridges, brand spankin new, circa 1930. Rose Evans on HH Bridge147 New Bridge HH River

And finally, this amazing shot of a horse drawn carriage headed up to Lake Cushman: Road to Cushman182

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  • mike hays on

    Wow! Really love some of those shots! Especially the view from the water with the Olympics in the background! Really makes me homesick now!

  • Bruce on

    Very Cool! More Please.

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