Feb 1, 2011: Lovely Lilliwaup

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Most of these photos (with the obvious exception of the recent ones) were donated to the Mason County Historical Society by the Aaro family, which homesteaded in Lilliwaup Valley and still lives around these parts (John Aaro worked for us shucking oysters until just a few months ago). Lilliwaup Shopping Center 1946 Lilliwaupshoppingcenter 162 Opening Oysters at Lilliwaup

Lilliwaup Valley before Hwy 101: Lilliwaup pre 101

Building the Lilliwaup Bridge: Lilliwaup Bridge ca. 1924 Lilliwaupbridge

Aerial shot, post Hwy 101 lilliwaupfromair

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  • Oyster Fan on

    Oh you definitely should! The Shelton museum is really cool and the people who work there are extremely helpful. I’ve also been meaning to check out the Quilcene Museum… I bet there are lots of neat photos of big old trees.

  • Bruce on

    Very cool! Keep posting…I love the old photos. You are going to inspire me to finally go to the Kitsap Co. Historical Museum….has been on my Bucket List for too long.

  • Bonnie Story on

    This is a wonderful post! All the snow in the winter shot is incredible – oh my goodness. Great photos, nicely done! – Bonnie

  • D. Aaro on

    john, the man talked about in this article is my grandfather. sadly to say when he goes ill be the last Aaro around her.

  • Oyster Fan on

    Yep! We’ll buy a summer house up there and be the only snowbirds on Hood Canal to move north in November.

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