2021 Holiday Entertaining Guide

Fall on the oyster farm brings night time tides, bucketloads of rain, yellow maple leaves, and forests full of mushrooms. It's a time of wood smoke, fresh snow, flooding rivers, plump oysters, and salty sweet clams pulled from the water by the barge crew on misty gray mornings. Here are some ways we recommend incorporating shellfish into your seasonal celebrations.

"That’s the thing about the oyster: It’s a workhorse. It can be dressed up and dressed down, set out in tin trays on a plain wooden table by the seaside or nestled into gold-rimmed china for the white tablecloths and leather banquettes of an exclusive club. There is no elitism about the oyster itself. Humble and haute, it goes both ways. Uptown and downtown, hot and cold, cooked or raw — one miraculous thing however and wherever it lands."

- Gabrielle Hamilton, New York Times Magazine

New & Seasonal Products

Olympia Oysters! Find these beauties in 3 dz bags as a stand-alone product, or as a 1 dz add-on for our other oyster and clam packages.

Our "griller" oysters are larger than the other online offerings and perfect for popping in the oven or on the bbq. Pro move: add a tub of Hog Island-style chipotle bourbon butter.

Four pound bags of PNW farmed mussels are back from summer vacation just in time for holiday feasts.

Recipes to Please & Delight

Recipes by Kourtney from cutemeatinc... thanks Kourtney!

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