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Mar 18, 2008: Ancient Oyster Photo Shoot, or how NASA faked the moon landing


Pacific oysters can grow really, really big if left to their own devices. We keep this monster oyster shell in our store to show to interested customers. It also goes on tour with us occasionally...down to Portland to decorate our booth at the NW Food and Wine Festival...over to Seattle for one of the numerous oyster events we participate in. Barnacles close-up Oyster tree-rings In a later post we'll talk about oyster predators... one of which makes oysters develop the pock-marked pattern shown above. Piggy-back oyster. T.J. and Jean Hsu, visiting from Texas, stopped by to take a tour of...

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Mar 7, 2008: Happy Clam Trails

Clams Oysters Tideflat Critters

  According to the Principia Cybernetica Project's definition of happiness, happy people are characterized by the belief that they are able to control their situation, whereas unhappy people tend to believe that they are a toy of fate. Yet another reason to associate clams with happiness: clams, unlike oysters, can move when they're feeling crowded, bored, threatened by a moon snail, or fed-up with their neighbors. They use their foot:   to drag themselves across the tideflats and to dig a new hole. As you walk across the beach you can see little trails in the sand where a clam...

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