Oyster Casserole

oysters shucked oysters

A satisfying, savory dish with oysters, bacon, shallots, cream, butter, and all sorts of other delicious things. This is the eye opening kind of dish that, when we make it at cooking classes, inspires the students to say they never knew cooked oysters could taste so good. To that we say: stick around, lots to see here. Enjoy!

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Clam Pasta with Cilantro


A clam dish that's perfect for summer evenings. If you're not super hungry, just skip the pasta and buy a crusty loaf of bread instead.

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How to Grill Oysters

grilled oysters how to oysters

It always strikes a funny bone to think of teaching shellfish "cooking" classes, because at the heart of it, cooking shellfish is just that: applying heat. Grilled oysters are about as simple as it gets, and here we offer some tips for keeping yourself safe and your meal delicious.

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How To Shuck Oysters

how to Oysters Shucking Instructions

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