Carbon Offset (we'll match!)
Hama Hama Oyster Company

Carbon Offset (we'll match!)

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Every day, trees on our upland farm absorb C02 from the atmosphere and turn it into biomass. Maximizing our farm's potential to sequester carbon is important to us.

Moving oysters from our farm to your doorsteps requires burning fossil fuels, and as we work to expand our business we worry about increasing our carbon emissions. We're starting a carbon offset program during this busy holiday shipping season, and we'd love for you to help us go above-and-beyond when it comes to sequestering carbon.

Your carbon offset will be matched, and the money donated to CarbonFund, where it will be invested in efforts to promote renewables, energy efficiency, and sustainable forestry initiatives across the globe.

Learn more at, and sign up for our email list for updates on how this fundraising effort is going.

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