Timber City Ginger Mignonette
Hama Hama Company

Timber City Ginger Mignonette

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4 oz bottle of mignonette made (by us!) out of Timber City Ginger Beer. Our newest ginger mignonette is a super exciting project our kitchen elves cooked up with the addictive Timber City Ginger Beer we love so much. With the addition of fresh thyme, bay & white wine vinegar - we think you’ll be hooked as well. A subtle sweetness and robust ginger flavor balance May oysters in a magical way, we are sure you’ll be a fan! (And if you’re local, stop in for a fresh TCGB at our farm store, tall boys delivered just in time for Memorial Day)

Refrigeration required.

This is an add on product only... we won't ship it out by itself. We will only ship it if you're adding it to a box of oysters or clams.

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