Hamamoto Oysters (3 dz bag)
Hamamoto Oysters (3 dz bag)
Hama Hama Company

Hamamoto Oysters (3 dz bag)

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Hamamoto: our very own kumamoto oyster! Kumos are one of five oyster species commonly eaten in the united states... the others being Pacific (which is what we usually grow), Olympia (the native oyster to the west coast), Virginica (native to the east coast), and European Flat (rare!). We've wanted to grow kumos for years but couldn't get our hands on any oyster seed until now.

These Hamamotos have the creamy sweetness, deep cup, and small size you'd expect from a kumamoto oyster, with the crispness of a beautiful fall day in the northwest.

Confused about oyster species? Read our guide to oyster flavor!

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These oysters are our extra small size, with a shell length of 2" +/- .25"

Because Hamamotos are harvested from a hard-to-access farm site, delivery date options are limited and cannot be changed... however! these puppies will keep beautifully under refrigeration for up to a week.

Remember that consuming raw oysters increases the risk of foodborne illness.

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