Come forage on the oyster farm! On a few select Saturdays every spring we open up our beach for u-pick customers. These “Open Farm Days” are low-key, family-friendly adventures at the beach.

    Team Hama Hama will be on hand to help you identify clam shows, tell where to go for the choicest dozen, and then help lug your catch up to shore. You pay for what you pick. Bring your muck boots, a bucket, a cooler, hand-held garden tools for clam digging, some gloves, a chair for the picnic area if you feel like lounging around, and a healthy appetite. We have BBQ oysters and steamed clams for sale if you just can’t wait to dig in, or you can call to reserve one of our two barbecue pits.

    Please RSVP by emailing Questions? Call (888) 877-5844.

    Let us know in advance that you are coming, that way we can be prepared for hoards of shellfish lovers that will be combing our tide flats for our lovely Hama Hama bivalves. (Don’t worry, you can just show up, but we’ll be better prepared if you let us know you’re coming).

    Open Farm Dates 2015

    • April 18th from 10:30 to 1 pm
    • (Oyster Rama on May 9th!)

    Open Farm Rules for 2015

    • 3 dz limit per person, 10 dz limit per group.
    • You can pick any size, but single oysters only… no clusters
    • 3 pound clam limit per person, 20 pound limit per group.
    • Oysters $7 a dozen and Clams $4 lb (=$1 off retail)
    • No worries: there’s no shellfish license required, no purchase required, and you don’t have to shuck the oysters on the beach.
    • Leave fido at home, and please don’t bring your own booze (it’s illegal). We have an outdoor dining area where we serve beer and wine. Come relax on the waterfront!