Fried Oyster Kit
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Fried Oyster Kit

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10 oz of our house-made gluten free Hall's Original Breading, bullwhip kelp hot sauce from Barnacle Foods, tartar sauce (either Pike Pier Tartar or Captain Toadie's tartar sauce) and a lemon!

Recipe here.

Depending on how fast you go through the Hall's Original Breading, it should be enough for 2 pints (= 1/2 of a half gallon). If you need it to stretch a bit further: add flour (or cornmeal) and spices (salt, pepper, cayenne, paprika to start) to the breading mix.  

Note that this is an add-on only... it won't be shipped out by itself. Because it requires refrigeration, it needs to go in a box with oysters and clams.

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