Crab Cake Benedict

benedict breakfast crab cakes

A quarantine friendly recipe! (That means you can make substitutions and it's delicious, with just the right amount of challenge!)

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Oyster Rancher's Sandwich

Adrienne Anderson sandwiches smoked oysters

Should you ever find yourselves with extra smoked oysters on your hands, consider this oyster sandwich.

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Spicy Steamed Clams


Got a bunch of random stuff in your pantry? We're here to help! This dish is more of an inspiration jump off than a cut and dried recipe.


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How to Steam Clams

clams how to

A guide to steaming clams. For advice on handling clams, and to figure out if you need to purge the clams you bought from us, head over here.

(Short story: you don't need to purge the clams).

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How to freeze clams and oysters

clams freezing instructions how to oysters

Advice on cooking & freezing oysters and clams.

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