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Hama Hama Events

Updated March 2024

Foraging Field Trip - Join us on Saturday 4/27 for a really incredible experience. We'll start in the forest sniffing out native truffles, eat lunch in the Oyster Saloon, and then head to the beach where you can harvest oysters and clams to take home. The day will wrap up around a beachside campfire where we'll sample and demo the product. Special guests include award winning author Rowan Jacobsen, and Mike Davis from Seattle Truffle Company.

Our Oyster Classes are super fun for oyster aficionados or bivalve curious folks alike. We are trying to hold one class per week, sometimes two, from October through April, with occasional gaps to accommodate our lives and other events.

Farm Days are a spring thing - the best way to get a heads up is to join our email list, but you can also scope the link above to see if we have any dates available. Since 2022 we've been holding farm days midweek, rather than on the weekends.