Visit the Farm

Update 3/16: The Farm Store is open, and the Saloon is closed Come by the farm, or order online and have the oysters and clams delivered right to your door.

Our store and saloon are located a shell’s-throw from the tideflats, and a visit to the farm is the best way to experience Hama Hama oysters in their native habitat. Come during the week to see the shucking crew in action, and ask for one of our self guided tour maps to better explore the farm.

We are an all-ages, dog friendly spot, but we ask that you keep your dog on leash and away from the salt water. (No swimming dogs!) Also, for various reasons, mainly having to do with our extreme tides and lack of a dock, we don't allow boat access.

Chefs & Industry folks are very welcome to come visit to learn more about our products and process. Please email us.

Wanna come for a party? The Oyster Saloon has live music from 1 to 4 pm every Saturday & Sunday from Memorial Day to Labor Day, and you can find info about our special events here.

We're open regular hours on all major holidays except Christmas Day and Thanksgiving Day. FYI: Our saloon is setup so that food comes out when it's ready, so we recommend sharing plates. FYI#2: We are not currently setup to take reservations.