Look Book


Hama Hama Oyster Barge by Mark DunnHama Hama Farm by Jason Lowe

Boxing up oysters by Mark Dunn

Oyster Saloon by Shannon Douglas

Waves by Mark Dunn

Look Book: Barge in Winter



Hama Hama Farm by Wyoming Aero Photography

Spring at Hama Hama Farm by Jenn Repp

Beach harvest photo by Sam Luvisi

Oyster Rama photo by Terrence Allison

Oyster Barge by David Malosh

Renee Erickson Tide Dinner by Jim Henkens


Beach scene at Hama Hama Oysters by Laura Dart

Beach walk photo by Laura Dart

Shell pile by Martha Archer

Dumping cultch oysters photo by Laura Dart

long lines by Al Oliver

Hama Hama beach photo by Jenn Repp


Night time tide photo by Jeff Scott Shaw

Mushroom Hunt photo by Jenn Repp

Louie in the Barge, photo by Jeff Scott Shaw


Barge work, photo by Jeff Scott Shaw

Oysters on a fire by Jenn Repp

Full Moon over the Oyster Farm, photo by Jeff Scott Shaw