Fjordlux Flavor Profile

Alice & Van Helker (Set & Drift Shellfish)

North Hood Canal, Wa

Flip bag Pacific

Extra Small 2.75”± 0.25” | Small 3.5”± 0.5” | Trucker 4”+

Tumbled in the northern reaches of Hood Canal, Fjordlux oysters grow where the ocean-crisp seawater from Admiralty Inlet meets the mineral-rich water of the Olympic Mountains. These little beauties are planted, tended, and harvested by Alice and Van Helker of Set & Drift Shellfish, marine scientists turned oyster farmers who donate a portion of their oyster sales to local conservation efforts. With vibrant shells ranging in shape from perfectly tumbled to slightly fluted, Fjordlux are savory and briny with a super long finish of nori and melon rind.

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