Lucky Penny Oyster Flavor Profile

Hama Hama Co

Mid-Hood Canal, Lilliwaup, WA

Bag-on-Beach Pacific

We grow Lucky Penny oysters on a high bank beach a few miles south of our main farm. Sheltered from wind and protected in lay flat bags, they form naturally deep cups with nicely frilled shells. In shell shape and appearance, they’re a compromise between the beach grown Hama Hamas and the tumbled Blue Pools. Flavorwise, they’re usually brinier because they’re grown far from the river, but they retain the sweet, cucumber finish characteristic of Hood Canal oysters. We purchased the Lucky Penny growing area in 2022, so the name is a subtle nod to our centennial and it honors our grandmother Penelope, who once crashed her car into the trees above the beach and walked away completely unscathed. Here’s to another 100 years of good luck!
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