Rosewood Shucking Knife
A oyster knife sits on a wooden log, the handle is rosewood with brass rivets and the blade is a hardened stainless steel. There are oyster shells in the background.,
A oyster shucking knife with a rosewood handle, brass rivets, and a stainless steel blade sits on a pile of oyster shells.
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Rosewood Shucking Knife

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When you spend as much time shucking as we do, we want our tools to be as beautiful as they are effective. That's why we splurged and put the Hama Hama name on the stunning rosewood handle of this Damariscotta-style shucking knife from our friends at R. Murphy. 

The handle boasts brass rivets and the blade is a high carbon stainless steel with a full tang. The weighty handle fits easily in the hand and the blade works beautifully with our West coast oysters. 

We think everyone deserves to have the tools the pros do! 

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