Oysters - Shucked Oysters By The Pint
Oysters - Shucked Oysters By The Pint
Oysters - Shucked Oysters By The Pint
Oysters - Shucked Oysters By The Pint
Oysters - Shucked Oysters By The Pint
Oysters - Shucked Oysters By The Pint
Oysters - Shucked Oysters By The Pint
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Shucked Oysters - 2 Frozen Pints

Regular price $ 60.00

Enjoy our shucked oysters fried, stewed, baked, wrapped in bacon, stuffed into french bread, or in a casserole. Find recipes here.

If you're planning on eating oysters raw, we highly recommend buying live oysters and shucking them yourself. Previously shucked oysters in a jar are fabulous for cooking, but don't have the vital magic required for truly enjoying a raw oyster. That said, if your preferred way to eat an oyster raw is in a shot glass smothered in cocktail sauce and horseradish - you do you! These will be great.

Yearling are the smallest size we shuck, and are only available in pint jars. 

We sell two pints at a time (which equals a quart!). Count per pint is as follows:

  • Yearling 32 - 36
  • Extra Small 18 - 20
  • Small 12 - 15
  • Medium 8 - 12.

UPDATE 2023 - we're now shipping these pre-frozen.

When the pints arrive, defrost them under refrigeration if you're planning on eating them within a few days, or return them to your freezer to defrost at your convenience.

Get the backstory on these oysters with this amazing video we made.

Remember that consuming raw or undercooked shellfish increases the risk of foodborne illness.  

WARNING: Consuming this product can expose you to chemicals including cadmium, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to www.P65warnings.ca.gov/food

Q: Why am I seeing this warning?

A: We give this warning to be double-dog sure we comply with the requirements of California's Prop 65. Read more about cadmium here.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Randy S.

I purchased 2 jars of yearling oysters, put one in the freezer, and thawed the other one. The oyster stew was fantastic. Great with a cold IPA.

Geoff Clarke
Wonderful oysters!

I will definately order more in the future!

So convenient

These can be frozen and used when the time is right. I personally love frying them and making sandwiches with em!

4 pints of shocked oysters

Wonderful treat to receive for a pint of Shasta oysters. They went so fast almost ready to order another. I was very happy with the service. Thank you.

Mary Jo Gibson
Best of the best oysters

I have personally bought yearlings from 1 other place, these were the best! I can’t wait to order something else.