May 26, 2009: Geoduck Season

Clams Store News

People always come into the retail store asking for geoduck, and we always disappoint. But not this weekend: today Dave and Jim spent a few hours out on the nether reaches of the tideflats, digging geoduck. We have 25 or so the ducks available to sell. The price is $10 a pound, and the clams weigh between 3 and 4 pounds each. If you want us to ship the geoduck please call 888-877-5844 to place an order. geoduck

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  • Oyster Fan on

    Hi Bruce, Thanks for that info about geoduck prices. I’ll report that to the next person who comes into the store complaining about our price of $10 a pound!

    As for cooking: the belly meat of the geoduck is normally really tender. You can eat this raw, or sear it very lightly. If you overcook it it will get tough. You can fry the neck meat, too, but you need to tenderize it first. Most people around here put the neck meat through a food processor and turn it into chowders or fritters. Basically, geoduck is so good I like it best plain… but let me know if you experiment with one!

  • Bruce on

    Yeah….low tides make for great Geoduck digging. Last time I was at the Japanese market in Seattle, live Geoduck was going for $18 a pound! Do you have any good recipes? My dad always made chowder with them and I have never cooked one myself.

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