Sep 28, 2009: Sand Dollar Convention

Tideflat Critters

sanddollar sanddollar2

Sand dollars are very social animals.

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  • Bruce on

    Could be. I took them for granted when I was young and now I miss seeing them when the tide is out.

    I sure got some good pix Sunday of the moon setting over the Olympics at dawn. Check them out on my FB page!

    Got 3 keeper crab too on Saturday….first since opening day in late July. Also managed to jab myself good with an oyster knife Sunday morning. Ouch.

    Also; discovered a large and very fresh pile of black bear scat Saturday morning up our road. Never have seen a bear up there. There are virtually no huckleberry on our side and our apple crop was meager due to no moisture….so perhaps the bear are foraging over a larger area. Lions and Tigers and Bears….Oh My!

    Heading out tonight for a day or two….fall is so nice.


  • Oyster Fan on

    That’s funny, because on our beach sand dollars live pretty far from the river mouth, and it seems to me that there are way more of them now than two decades ago… maybe the population is just really cyclical.

  • Bruce on

    When I was a kid, our beach was littered with sand dollars when the tide was low. Now they are very scarce. And they are small. However there is a good bed of them where Boyce Creek flows into the canal.

    Will take another run at some crab this weekend.

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