Oct 12, 2009: Moving Day/Demolition/Grand Opening

Store News

We've been planning this for 5 years, and now it feels like everything's happening all at once. Here's the schedule:

1. We're going to begin moving equipment out of the old store and into the new one tomorrow.

2. During the moving process we'll keep the old store open, and if all goes as planned, we'll open the new store Thursday morning.

3. This weekend, we're going to tear down the old store.

4. And our grand opening celebration will occur on Saturday, October 31st, otherwise known as Halloween. Start planning your costume now, and stay tuned for more details. RIP, little old store. Please don't come back to haunt us.


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  • Oyster Fan on

    It rained so hard! We moved during a monsoon. Now the store’s open but the power’s off. Will upload pictures soon.

  • Bruce on

    Happy for you guys. A lot of work leading up to this. Hope it doesn’t pour down rain for the move.

  • Oyster Fan Fan on

    Great photo…how’d you get that ghostly moon to appear on command??

  • Carrie Robbins on

    Congratulations! Can’t wait to see it!

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