Dec 14, 2009: needed: glow-in-the-dark hockey pucks

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Over the weekend we took advantage of the bitter cold to play some late night pond hockey. It was a cold, moonless night and the ice was so smooth and glassy it reflected the stars. daylight

The pond in daylight, on our puck retrieval outing.

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  • Mike on

    Bought a lighted hockey puck for my son a few years back and it’s really awesome! We play pond hockey until midnight. The puck is translucent and has a threaded hole in the side of it. It comes with threaded mini glow sticks. You light a glow stick, thread into the hole and you can now play hockey on the darkest of nights. Different colored glow bracelets around gloves and skates determines teams and helps you see the other players. Chek it out, well worth the money I paid for it!!

  • casey bearden on

    I know that spot.

  • Oyster Fan on

    It’s actually a pond up in the mountains above Hama Hama. Thanks!

  • emily on

    go hama hama!!!!! Is that is the hama hama river

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