Nov 8, 2011: Oyster Santa

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We're getting a little artsy around here, and have been trying our hands at creating Santa Claus ornaments out of oyster shells. Above is an awesome and slightly frightening Santa that Helena created a couple of years ago. Excuse the dust and dog hair (?) on this otherwise very sophisticated gentleman... he may or may not have spent a couple of years forgotten behind the TV case. So far, nothing we've created this year has managed to match the old Santa's gravitas... but we're working on it. Oyster Fan's Santa on top, Kara's on bottom:

She makes a mean Santa. Of course, there's another, less literal kind of Oyster Santa... the kind that actually brings oysters to your door, aka the FedEx delivery team. We're in the process of putting together Holiday Gift packs for 2011 and hopefully will have them ready to go next week.

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  • Oyster Fan on

    They’re actually Blue Pool shells, our tumbled Pacific, and they do look like virginica shells. Yes, the crazy beach-grown shape definitely lends character to the claus!

  • Julie from In A Half Shell on

    Love it!! Such a cute idea — I especially like the slightly frightening Santa Claus, only because its made from a gigas shell rather than a virginica… is that right?

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