Feb 10, 2012: Smoked Oyster Crostini

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Chef Ron Stainer of the Hog Island Oyster Bar in Napa came up with this smoked oyster recipe in honor of our guest shucking appearance a few weeks back. Think of it as a smoked oyster salad over toast. The pickled onions and arugula really showcase the smokiness of the oysters, and the crunchy crostini sets everything off perfectly.


One crusty baguette, cut on the diagonal into medium-thick slices, good for toasting.

One dozen Hama Hama Hot Smoked Oysters, sliced medium-thin, on the diagonal. Variety of your choice.

4 marinated Piquillo peppers, sliced thin on the diagonal. One whole red onion, medium. Sliced thin and pickled. Pickling ingredients:

2 cups seasoned rice vinegar;

1/4 cup sugar;

1 tsp. crushed red pepper.

2 oz. wild Arugula

1/2 cup Lemon Oil (equal parts lemon juice and EVOO, shaken)

Pickled Onions: Peel and slice a medium whole red onion into thin (~1/8") slices.  Place slices into a stainless steel or glass bowl.  In a saucepan, combine vinegar, sugar and crushed red pepper and heat over medium-hot burner just until sugar dissolves. While still warm pour vinegar mixture over onions.  Allow to cool then place in refrigerator, store up to two weeks. Crostinis: Toast or grill indivual baguette slices to desired doneness (should be crispy, but not too hard). Slice each oyster on the diagonal into medium-thin (1/4") slices.  Seed, rinse and slice Piquillo peppers medium-thin (1/4") slices on the diagonal.  In a medium, non-reactive bowl, toss oysters, peppers, onions and arugula together with Lemon Oil. Divide oyster-arugula mixture into even portions and serve on top of the toasted baguette slices. Garnish with a few slices of pickled red onion and a dash of fresh cracked pepper.

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  • Oyster Fan Fan on

    I can’t wait to try this…we need to round up all the ingredients, and make some at the store to sample…

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