2018 Rama Mystery Oyster Contest


Hey Oyster Fans! Think you know woof from sic em when it comes to bivalves? Prove it in the Mystery Oyster Tent! Our theme this year is "oyster circus"... come play! 

The concept of the contest is simple: give people a plate of raw oysters, and ask them to ID them. The top three scorers will compete on stage, blindfolded, in a sudden death final round for the grand prize: a $100 gift certificate to Sea Creatures Restaurants. Plus, of course: bragging rights!

New this year! Join at any level. 1 token ($5) lets you guess the identity of 2 oysters, 2 tokens ($10) gets you 4 oysters, 3 tokens ($15) get you a plate of 6 oysters (and the highest chances of scoring high enough to make it to the final round). 

Everybody who guesses at least one oyster correctly will win a prize.  


Oysters! May include any of the following: 

Taylor Kumamoto, Island Creek, Totten Inlet Virginica, Olympia, Chelsea Gem, Shigoku, Sea Cow, Jones Family Farm European Flat, Blue Pool, Treasure Cove, Fishers Island.


Location & Timeline:

Find the mystery oyster contest in one of the wooden huts in the Oyster Saloon area (near the building). Pool play is from noon to 4 pm, with the final competition happening at the awards ceremony (5:30 - 6 pm is).

What's what? You tell us! Photo by Jim Henkens

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