Hama Hama Company Naming Guidelines

As Hama Hama Company grows and evolves we've developed a system for naming our oysters.

We've added the Hama Hama name in front of products that we farm, whereas "partner farmed" is the language we use for oysters that we distribute exclusively (without being a part of the farming process). Additionally, these partner farmed products begin with the word "sea," a cue that these are sourced--as opposed to farmed--by Hama Hama Co.

Method & Merroir. In general, we give oysters different names when they have different growing locations or methods. Some of our locations are more specific than others, but as a matter of practice, the source of the oyster should always be celebrated, either in the description or the name. We give nicknames to different sizes, as opposed to re-naming the oyster altogether.

To find out more information about Hama Hama, the oysters, or our partner farmers, please contact info@hamahamaoysters.com.

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