Coronavirus Update from Hama Hama Co

Hello out there!

These are crazy, rapidly changing times, and our hearts go out to anybody suffering from or personally impacted by the coronavirus, as well as to all of you facing layoffs, lack of child care, and an uncertain future. We wish you all good luck keeping yourselves, your loved ones, and your communities safe and healthy. If you get a chance, we highly recommend finding a moment to come back to mother nature... spring has come to the Pacific Northwest: the fields are full of nettles, the ditches full of frogs, and the oysters are entering prime time. 

Swing by our instagram page (@hamahamaoysters) for photos from the farm… we’ll get some videos and other fun stuff up there soon to help bring a bit of this glorious spring into your living room. 

Meanwhile, here are a few updates from the oyster farm: 

Wholesale Operations:

We feel like there's no better time than now to build and maintain a robust local food system. Our wholesale operations (planting, harvesting, and selling to restaurants and retail stores) are continuing. We are in close communication with our customers to keep delivery drivers, customers, and restaurant staff safe. Our delivery trucks are all outfitted with sanitation kits, and we are encouraging restaurants to take advantage of remote delivery options (prepackaged boxes, fedex, etc).

Also, there is no evidence that the coronavirus is transmitted through food or food packaging. Read more about seafood safety here.

If it's in your budget during these tough times, we encourage you to buy gift certificates from your favorite oyster hangout. A gift certificate is a commitment to a better future... you can use it once we're through this pandemic, and in the meantime it helps keep restaurants in business.

Online Store: very much open!

We can ship oysters and clams right to your door... this might be ‘cancel season’ for us humans, but out on the tideflats it’s oyster season. With the recent increase in temperatures they've fattened up a bit and are sweet, delicious, and full of immune-boosting zinc.

In an effort to keep our staff busy and the food available we've got the following promotions up and running:

Save 10-20% on gift certificates to our oyster saloon and farm store

During the restaurant shut down: we’ve put clams, oysters in the shell, and shucked oysters on sale at wholesale rates… get em while you can

ORDER AHEAD: If you're coming out to the peninsula, you can order clams and oysters online, at retail store prices, and we'll box them up and have them ready for you. You can also order over the phone by calling our retail store.

Save 10% on regular priced oysters (shell or shucked) with code OysterSeason2020.

Oyster Saloon: closed

The oyster saloon is closed as of 3/16. We’re gonna take a week to breathe, clean, and plan, and will potentially open for take out orders within a week. Check here for updates, or our instagram / facebook pages.

Wanna plan something fun? Buy a gift certificate! Saloon and Store gift certificates are currently 10% off. 

Retail Store: open!

We are proud to be farmers and see providing healthy protein as part of our mission. Our retail store is open, but we’ll be selling oysters and clams through a pass-through window. With all the uncertainty about how this virus is spread, we decided it was safest to keep as many folks as possible out in the fresh air. 

If you’d like to order ahead, you can call us at 360-877-5811 or place an online order for pickup. 

Events: cancelled, but we’ll plan more!

We've cancelled all spring events in order to follow the directive to keep gatherings below 50 people. This includes farm days, oyster classes, and the 2020 Oyster Rama. If you haven’t yet received an email / refund: we’re working on it and will get that done by Wednesday 3/18 at the latest. 

We’ll spend this time dreaming up new ways to celebrate the tideflats… stay tuned!

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