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Team Hama

One of our newest employees, Claire came on board in mid-March as our Events & Social Media Coordinator. She started work the week before the coronavirus shutdown, so pretty much the first thing she did was cancel all events. She then pivoted to helping out in our online sales department, which was ramping up. Thanks for being flexible Claire!

Originally from New York, growing up harvesting wild mussels with her Dad along the coast of Maine gave Claire a strong connection to the marine world and the food it produces.

She graduated from The Evergreen State college with a BA in the history of food and agriculture.  She has worked in the shellfish industry for 8 years, the majority of which she spent on a clam digging crew in Little Skookum Inlet. Claire has also worked in quality control, education, research and development, shellfish breeding programs, and events.  The environmental benefits of shellfish farming and the sustainability of this food system fuel Claire’s passion for the industry, not to mention the joy found in eating clams and oysters.

We sat Claire down for a get-to-know-you interview and here's what she had to say:


Q: Favorite Hama Hama Moment?

Probably when a paddle board was used to grab more clams and oysters out of the Canal.  Also when Adam saved an injured owl and the little guy hung out under my desk until Discovery Bay Raptor rescue came to pick it up.


Q: Why are clams happy?

They huddle together 3 inches deep
They smile when using their siphon to eat

Clams have wacky patterns and some are blue
They are also scrumptious for me and you

When dug they squirt all around
And talk making a squishy sound

Clams are happy because they are
The cutest bivalve on the farm


Q: Favorite Vegetable?

Broccoli rabe but a good carrot fresh out of the garden is hard to beat!


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