The Shuckathalon is the world's only intertidal oyster sports competition... we keep waiting for folks to copy us, but nobody has so far. What this mainly means, is that when you win the shuckathalon you are the WORLD CHAMPION OF OYSTER SPORTS. 

Some happy folks at the 2016 Shuckathalon

Still confused? That's part of the schtick... oyster farms are dynamic and ever changing. The Shuckathalon, on the other hand, has followed the same format for 7 years. It's a relay race, so you've got to rope your friends into joining your team.

  • Heat 1: cluster picking
  • Heat 2: clam digging
  • Heat 3: single picking
  • Heat 4: shucking!

Contestants are judged on how quickly they compete the course and on the quality of their work... in other words, if you dig a bucket of dead clams faster than anybody else, you still won't win! Nobody wants to eat dead clams.  

These guys might have just won?? 2016 Shuckathalon.

Over the past 6 years we've seen all kinds of shuckathalons... rainy ones, windy ones, fun ones, and the ones where we have to rope our friends and family into competing. 

Justin, before he was oyster stang, and Evan, who just barely missed the 2011 podium

The original champions, from 2011. But then again: nobody thought this team was fair.

Hall of Champions

2011: Pretty sure it was the rockstar team pictured above (Joy, Rick, and Jim) but this might have been before we started requiring punny names...  

2012: ?? currently working hard on figuring out who won in 2012... if it was you, let us know!

2013: What the Shuck

2014: Slurpy 2nds (Shuckleheads appear on the scene, come in 2nd)

2015: Shuck Shuck Goose (Shuckleheads, again, rock 2nd place)

2016: Shuckleheads 

2017: The Woodshucks (2 out of 3 judges said this team is perfect!)

2018: If only we kept track. Was it you??? 

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