Farm Days

2024 Farm Days!

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U-Pick, & U-Dig! Several days each year we open our beach to harvest by the public. These so-called Farm Days are scheduled around the tides and the seasons. They're a spring thing! It's a great chance to spend a little time on the beach, pick some oysters to take home, and learn the difference between a butter clam and a manila.

Farm Day at a Glance:
Ticket prices includes pre-payment for oyster and clam harvest, entry for 2 adults, and a 5 gallon bucket to use to pick and transport your catch. After you buy your ticket, we'll follow up with more information about things to bring, how to harvest, and how best to navigate to the farm.

Here's some standard Farm Day advice: Bring a hand-held garden weeder (with claws) for digging clams, gloves, sunglasses, rain jacket, and knee boots. 2023 tickets will include a 5 gallon bucket to pick into, and to use to take your catch home.

Because this is a private farm, you don't need a Washington State Shellfish License. Also, because we know you'll ask: no dogs on the beach, and kids are welcome.

Learn how to harvest from the professionals!