Farm Days

Tides = Flat.

We are sad to say that we have no farm days scheduled for 2019... farm days require nice low midday tides on Saturdays in March and April, and there were none that fit the bill this year. There are a few potential dates in May, although we won't know for sure until we can get a sense for how warm the spring will be. Sorry folks! On the bright side, you can always come to the oyster Rama on 4/20/19.

U-Pick! Several days each year we open our beach to harvest by the public. These so-called Farm Days are scheduled around the tides and the seasons, and they're limited to Saturdays in early spring, the season between the end of night-time low tides and the beginning of vibrio control season. It's a great chance to spend a little time on the beach, pick some oysters to take home, and learn the difference between a butter clam and a manila.

Prices and limits vary each year, but here are some standard open farm procedures: Bring a bucket, ice, a clam rake (a hand held garden tool), gloves, sunglasses, rain jacket, and knee boots.

No license required! RSVP for specific event details. Sorry, no dogs and no alcohol. 

Learn how to harvest from the professionals!