Welcome to the Oyster Saloon!

-- during COVID! -- 
We are so excited to see you here at the beach, and ask for some help in making this a great experience for everyone.
Wear the mask unless you are sitting at your table with food & drink. Please try real hard to maintain social distancing from those around you. Kindly allow 6 feet of space between parties. 
Our staff are doing their very best to keep things clean and sanitary, please throw your own garbage, shells, and used utensils away in the garbage cans provided and help prevent unnecessary exposure to others. 
Dogs need to stay on leash (and off the beach), but let us know if you need a bowl of water for your party, we love furry friends! 
The top of the beach is ok to explore, but please don’t venture past the black nets - that’s the beginning of our farm, and it’s full of hidden sharp things and delicate sea life.
Check out the path to the old apple tree at low tide! It’s got a great view of the mountains & the famous bridges.
And finally...
Oysters are full of zinc, and are a great source of protein - don’t forget to stop in the farm store for a couple dozen to go -
Saloon Guests receive 10% off at our Farm Store!