June 16, 2009: Mushroom Man

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Today our friend Preston stopped by with some wild morel and porcini mushrooms he'd recently picked somewhere east of the Cascade Mountains. Preston-- who probably knows all of the Olympic Peninsula's sweet spots for both wild mushrooms and good surf--  runs a local gourmet food supply company called Wild West. He stops by once a week to deliver fresh halibut and salmon from Neah Bay and the Quilleute River. He also picks up HH oysters to sell to restaurants and farmer's markets on the north end of the Peninsula.

preston morel slice mush

Close-up of porcini mushroom gills. Since it was lunchtime, and we were hungry, we pan-fried some morels in a little oil, then added oysters, salt, pepper, and eventually eggs. rambo

Our kitchen is set up to fillet fish, not mushrooms, and we were a little short on paring knives. morelegg

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  • Oyster Fan on

    I’d never had morels, and they were delicious. Surprisingly strong tasting, and they definitely held their own with the oysters. He left us some of the king mushroom to try, too. I’m waiting until I get my hands on some steak before I try the king… hmm… I have an elk roast in a slow cooker, maybe I’ll try to incorporate the king into that dish.

  • Bruce on

    My; that looks heavenly!

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