June 25, 2009: Geoduck Dig

Farm work

We've had a string of really low tides this week, and so we sent the three graybeards out to dig geoduck and play in the mud. The old fashioned way to dig geoduck is to use a shovel and a bucket. But the bucket method takes a long time and has a pretty low success rate, so these guys used a water hose.  

It looks like they had a scandalously good time. jim

Eagles were also hanging out on the tideflats: eagles

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  • Bruce on

    Yeah…I was up Saturday thru Tuesday this past week. Waay low tides. Didn’t dig any geoducks, but went out and poked them with a stick. Fun to see them squirt! I had an old friend from Missouri visiting and he had never seen oyster beds or walked a good low tide. Great fun! We have 3 eagles that hang out in front of our place at low tide. They love to irritate the Blue Heron.

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