Jan 4, 2010: Let them eat shrimp.

Tideflat Critters

We started out feeding the aquarium monsters cooked bay shrimp, then we discovered that they go absolutely nutso over raw oysters. So now we feed them oysters every couple of days or so. But the other day as a very special treat we fed them some live shrimp.


Actually we didn't mean to feed the animals the shrimp... it just worked out that way.  We were hoping that everybody could just coexist peacefully in our tank. The shrimp were really cute and diminutive and hopped and skipped through the water. Unfortunately, they lasted about 5 seconds. The sculpins attacked first, and then the shore crab moved in. It made for some interesting aquarium viewing. Here's a sculpin and a shore crab playing keep away:

 If this shore crab were a toddler, he'd definitely be the kid who licks all the cookies.

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