Jan 24, 2011: Barge Ride with Lefty. And a Moonrise. And Oysterpedia.

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Here are some photos from our barge ride last week with Urban Farmer.  The weather was perfect for a short little jaunt out on the Canal... we took some time to liberate a bucket of sea creatures that had been stranded on the shucking table, met Lefty, the injured seagull who always hitches a ride on the barge to eat similarly stranded sea creatures, and watched as Adam pulled in a few tubs. And then, later in the week, we saw a really pretty moonrise. N.B. safety mongers: while we did provide life jackets to everyone on the boat, nobody took us up on the offer, so the jackets remained in a pile on the deck. In other news: devoted blog fans will notice that it's changing shape and color, and occasionally going under whenever an incompatible plug-in is activated. Never fear, it always comes back. And if you're technologically inclined, check out the Mermaid Restaurant's iPhone oyster identification app... called the Oysterpedia. Pretty slick! Below, chef Ryan at the Battleaxe wheelhouse. chefryan crew liberation Lefty

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