Mar 25, 2011: Mussel Mess

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It's hard to tumble when you're all tied up in knots: musselmess1

Darn mussels have invaded our tumble bags, using their byssal threads to attach everything up into one big messy mass. After spending several hours trying to go through the bags by hand, removing all the mussels, we've decided to just dump the mussel mess out on the beach. The mussels will die in the intertidal beach, and the oysters will have to come to terms with the fact that they're now going to be beach grown, not tumbled.

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  • Oyster Fan on

    Yeah, we have heard about that book. I am also eager to read it, thanks for the reminder!

  • Bruce on

    I have meaning to see if this is on your radar screen?

    I am anxious to get a copy.

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    […] in a bag, and you’re wasting your time. And if you get a mussel set in your tumble bags, forget about it. The mussel byssal threads tie the oysters up into knots, preventing anything from rolling […]

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