July 22, 2011: Visit from the "Oyster King"

Oyster World

Wednesday we shared an oyster lunch with Billy Marinelli, a Long Island Marine Scientist turned shellfish mogul turned Bangkok restaurateur and all around oyster expert. Billy is touring West Coast oyster farms with his wife and Rosie, a Bangkok chef. It was a beautifully calm day on the oyster farm and during our meal the tide, with the crew just behind it, headed out for the afternoon.  Adam barbecued some Blue Pools in the picnic area and served them with melted butter, and they were (in my humble opinion) hands-down the best barbecued oysters ever. Now, that might be because it was 2 pm on an otherwise lunch-less day... but the Oyster King (a nickname he earned in Bangkok) also appeared very impressed, and he really knows his oysters. Bill is the founder of Marinelli Shellfish, which supplies restaurants and retail stores across the world with fresh shellfish, and he has two acclaimed seafood restaurants in Bangkok. marinellivisit1 marinellivisit2 marinellivisit

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