Jan 10, 2013: Oyster Stoutness

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What do you do when you find a massive oyster?

Feed it to your friends, of course!

Last week Brenna and Erik from Hog Island stopped by for a night of revelry and mischief. Naturally, the power went out, so we sat in lantern-and-firelight and caught up on all things oyster.

(These three oysters filled a 10 ounce jar!)

Hog Island is up to some exciting stuff, including celebrating the launch of an oyster stout they created in partnership with 21st Amendment Brewery. Read the story behind the beer here and come by our store to pick up some for yourself. We had 48 cans delivered yesterday (which apparently wiped out Washington State's entire supply!) and drank one ourselves last night. It's meaty yet smooth, and if doesn't put hair on your chest then nothing will. Happy Thursday!

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