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Hello friends and mermaids alike -

We are heading into another beautiful weekend here on the beach, and the oysters are looking FANTASTIC! The kitchen elves are running pimento cheese oysters as a special again, they were too addicting - look for those as a pop up this weekend!

Running normal hours: 11 -4 Friday/Saturday/Sunday

We are fully booked up on reservations, walk ups are available on a first come first serve basis, and you must be on site to get on the waitlist or order food (no phone orders).

While the weather says mid-70s, the calendar says FALL so we're mulling up some wine and getting the hot tea and cocoa ready - where DID the year go?!

And we're bringing the curried-coconut vegan lentil soup back due to vegetarian demand (and because it's just tasty).

Thanks for reading! And stay safe out there, don't forget - oysters are a great source of zinc and protein - and will help keep you safe against bad juju and hunger alike -

self care starts with a full dozen.

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