Meet Team Hama: Megan

Team Hama

Megan is originally from the "other" oyster country and grew up on Kent Island in the Chesapeake Bay.  She comes to us here in Lilliwaup after having spent 10 years in Chicago as a motorcycle riding and heavy metal playing event florist.  Now, she's in school to learn to teach your high schoolers biology, but would mostly prefer to be underwater or in the garden.  

She lives with 1 dog, 2 geese, 8 hens and two roosters and is working from home... if you catch her on the phone, she sincerely apologizes for the background noise.  

We caught up with Megan to get her thoughts on the following:

Why are clams happy?

Still trying to learn to speak clam, when I finally get fluent I will translate their answer.

Favorite part of your job?

Unsolicited praise! It's great when people pass along their happiness. It really does make a difference.

Favorite vegetable:

Myself, on the couch, watching bravo..... or broccoli

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  • Jim Clyne on

    Hi Megan,
    So great to see you after you responded to my e-mail requesting instructions on how to store the oysters you recently sent.Never expected a personal reply to a general e mailing from Hama Hama.
    So nice to get a little background on you as I was so impressed by your kind response and am happy have such a personal relationship with Hama Hama. My oldest son and his family live near Annapolis, so we know a little about the Chesapeake Bay. Also our youngest daughter is named Megan. I will be back in touch when the Hama Hama oysters are in season, as you have advised sometime in October or November.
    Best to you,

    Jim Clyne

  • Eric on

    Thank you, Megan! We just got the last of the HamaHama oysters, and I roasted, than smoked 2 dozen. Exquisite! And there are a dozen for breakfast tomorrow. You folks are great!

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