Operation Farmgate

Hey there! While restaurants are shut down we're doing our best to keep the diggers digging, the pickers picking, and the sorters, well... you get it. But seriously: we want to keep our hardworking staff and farmers in action during the shut down. AND we want to provide you with delicious, healthy protein to eat at home!

Every week we'll update our inventory. Oyster varieties will likely change week to week. These items are sold at discounted rates to the general public, for delivery to your home via FedEx on Thursday or Friday.

If we sell out of these products, or if you want to specify the exact delivery date, we still have our regular online items available for purchase.

The items in this collection are for shipping directly to your home. If you're coming up to the Hood Canal, you can pre-order oysters and clams to go and we'll have them boxed up here and waiting for you. That way you avoid having wait in line at our retail sales window. Those items are over here. Or you can always call us: 360-877-5811.